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An integrated needs assessment may take the form of a business diagnostic, a performance and strategic analysis, an organizational diagnosis, or any other type of large-scale assessment.


It results in an action plan that provides issues to resolve, opportunities to seize, and a roadmap of optimal solutions to be implemented by order of priority.


DMI Solution has the know-how to assess the quality and effectiveness of all internal and external components of a business (finance, marketing, sales, customer service, strategy, IT, work climate, recruitment, leadership, competitors, market, etc.) or a public entity (governance, policies, management of programs and services, organizational structures, control measures, performance management, customer satisfaction, stakeholders, socio-economic factors, etc.).


Our assessments vary from a half-day to several days according to project parameters and the size/complexity of the organization.

The strategic assessment can be useful in situations such as:

  • Project aimed at improving the efficiency of a public service, policy or program


  • Planning a major project or organizational change


  • Business or complex problem turnaround


  • Initial phase of a strategic thinking, change, or planning initiative


  • Initiative aimed at improving productivity, profitability or the growth of a business


  • During a business start-up phase

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