DMI Solution offers an innovative way to address managerial issues, concerns, and challenges in all areas of activity.

No matter the type of intervention, the integration of strategic, performance, change and human factor considerations helps us identify efficient and sustainable solutions for our clients.


Our analytical, consulting, facilitation and coaching services are offered to start-ups or existing businesses, to the public sector, to non-profit organizations, and directly to individuals occupying leadership positions. We cover the regions of Quebec and Ontario.


Our Mission


Our mission is to facilitate the use of an integrated vision of management, i.e. the “big picture”, as a source of inspiration, sound decision-making, and long-term success for all types of businesses and organizations.




Louis Desrosiers is the Founder and Head of DMI Solution and has more than 25 years’ experience as a management consultant in the private and public sectors. He has conducted many projects dealing with strategic, operational and organizational issues and challenges. With this rich and diverse experience, he developed DMI’s innovative approach based on Integrated Management Thinking. Louis regularly conducts strategic needs assessments for businesses and public organizations, delivers specialized services in areas such as strategic planning, business development and change management, and provides executive, business and management coaching. Louis holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and is a Certified Coach Practitioner under the Certified Coaches Federation (CCF).


Lynn Sitani, an Affiliate Partner at DMI Solution, has over 15 years of diverse experience in banking and financial services, management coaching, public relations, and entrepreneurship. These experiences have provided Lynn a depth of expertise in facilitating and leading teams from various industries throughout successful transformational changes.  At DMI, Lynn is engaged in facilitation services dealing with change management and organizational development challenges, in executive and business coaching, and in providing financial advisory services. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Science and is a Certified Coach Practitioner through the Certified Coaches Federation (CCF).


James Dupuis-Howard, an Affiliate Partner at DMI Solution, has a large experience in providing consulting, technical support and training services in Information Technology (IT) to the public and private sectors. He is particularly well versed in optimizing data gathering, analysis and reporting systems, in providing training support for improving the use of automated tools and software, and in designing quality and efficient websites. At DMI, James is responsible for providing IT inputs in the conduct of strategic needs assessments and managing the broad area of IT advice, assistance and training to our clients.




DMI Solution relies on a network of partners from various disciplines and sectors. They bring depth and added value to our services and help us offer complete and comprehensive solutions to our clients.


These firms and independent professionals were carefully chosen based on their professionalism, reputation, and adherence to the DMI’s approach and vision.