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DMI Solution uses an integrated and systemic management vision for businesses, public organizations, and non-profit organizations. The information generated by our capacity to combine operational, organizational, strategic and human factor aspects enables a better decision-making for our clients.


As a result, it is easier to resolve complex and multidisciplinary issues and to identify successful solutions for specific needs across all activity areas. 


The added value of our interventions is based on the following considerations:

  • Focus on strategic thinking

  • Performance improvement where it matters

  • Openness to innovation and change

  • Human factor driven


We meet our client’s needs in the best of their interests by offering four mutually reinforcing categories of services: specialized advice and assistance, facilitation, integrated needs assessments, and executive/management coaching.


The DMI approach is also characterized by:

  • A strong emphasis on implementing solutions, performance measurement, and knowledge transfer

  • Contractual agreements that minimize their financial risks

  • A strong network of specialized service partners who complement or assist us when needed

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